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Pascal Tokodi’s female admirers falling over themselves for his hand in marriage

Kenyan musician and actor Pascal Tokodi has opened a floodgate of marriage requests from his smitten female admirers on social media

This after Tokodi, who stars in the TV drama Selina on Maisha Magic East, jokingly asked YouTuber Chebet Ronoh to get marriage to him.

Tokodi ‘made the pass ‘at Chebet in response to a male fan who had asked him to follow the footsteps of musician Nyashinski and settle down since the single actor is not giving men peace in their relationships.

“Maze si utufanyie vile Nyashinski alifanya, hatupumui kwa relationship zetu juu yako,” the fan Mmangalakris posted.

In response to this Tokodi wrote: “@rono.h , uko free lini tufunge hii chapter?😉….”

That seemed to be the cue for his female fans to let him know that they are available and willing to walk down the aisle with him.

From their responses, all them seemed wanted to be in Chebet’s shoes.

“I’m ronoh ,ronoh is me. Next tuesday would be nice😹😹😹,” muthoni_ngenge posted.

“Hehee pascal you don’t even need to ask because their is a time for you always 😍😍,” doreenlokeris commented.

“😂😂😂si utuoe wote madem tumecomment basi😂😂🔥🔥,” @baseka.h wrote.

“Mm nataka nikue kwa bridal party😂😂😍😍….ni witness ukienda na mwingine😂😂,” tennilkangethe said.

“Nioe tu tumalize hii story yawa😭😭😭,” _ferianne commented.

“😭😭😭😭😭😭am ready to get married to you😪🧡,” posted sofiabuke.