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Part 2 : Eight lessons Nairobi women can learn from shags women


Living in a large vibrant city like Nairobi gives one the advantage of exposure to different experiences. That said, when the coin is flipped there are things that city women can learn from those from the rural areas. Here’s a look at some of them:

1. Holding it down – Whoever coined the phrase ‘ride or die’ must have had the woman from rural Kenya on his mind. This woman doesn’t flee at the slightest sign of trouble or brokenness. She stays and holds things down when her partner can’t. When things start looking up, she is there to reap the benefits.

2. Food – Every shags woman worth her salt can put together at least three delicious meals. Nairobi women on the other hand, even take pride in not knowing how to cook. True, maybe you can afford to have someone do the cooking. Learning to cook however doesn’t take away from your womanhood. It adds to it. How about taking some pride in your femininity?

3. Natural beauty – Shags woman have mastered the art of looking beautiful without caking their faces with make-up. They do not go at all those lengths to transform their looks, they just find out their best physical features and accentuate them.

4. Economizing – It should be no surprise to come across a woman in Nairobi who is spending twice as much as they earn. Women living in the rural areas know how to be happy with much less. Understanding that happiness isn’t synonymous with owning things allows them to live within their means.

5. Appreciation – Do one small thing for a woman in the village and she will thank you for it. With a city woman though, these things go unappreciated perhaps because she has set higher standards for herself. What she needs to learn is that having high standards does not mean that one should stop appreciating the small things in life.

6. Fidelity – In their quest for liberation, a city woman might be tempted to explore her sexuality. Sometimes this exploration ends up biting her in the back. The same men that she was exploring her sexuality with run to the village woman when it is time for them to settle down because the latter guarantees them some fidelity. Nairobi women have a lesson or two to learn about who they share their bodies with.

7. Confident in their femininity – While city women are brash and assertive, village women keep calm. They have learnt the art of being confident without rubbing it in other’s faces. They have that sort of still confidence.

8. Gender roles – While the average city woman is still waiting for that man who will take care of all her needs, village women are not afraid to take on roles that were previously preserved for the men. She will till the land, tend the cows and still look after her children all in one stride. She is strong and hardworking.