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Outrage after Miguna tells Passaris ‘everybody wants to rape you’ on live TV

Kenyans on Twitter have gone ham on TV host Jeff Koinange accusing him of failing to professionally moderate a live debate between two Nairobi gubernatorial aspirants where vile comments touching on rape were made.

Controversial politician Miguna Miguna stunned viewers of the popular JKL show when he told his rival Esther Passaris “you are so beautiful, everybody wants to rape you”.

All Koinange did was, “say can we get back to the issues?”.

There was an awkward moment when Koinange read out a tweet urging Miguna and Passaris to “get a room already”.

Passaris had quipped that while Miguna accuses her of corruption, she has never been accused of rape.


The feisty politician claimed that the Passaris had claimed that she would take a sex holiday in 2008 if Cord leader Raila Odinga was declared president. He also called her a socialite bimbo.

In response, Passaris: “he is so full of rumours and rumours and rumours. I feel he has no respect for women, and 50 per cent of the voters in the city are women.”

Miguna further accused her of “selling beauty and that she is nothing but a flower girl”.


On the show, Passaris who is owns Adopt-a-Light, revealed that she was suing Miguna for a Twitter post where he called her a cartel.

“I just hope he has enough money to pay everyone that will sue him,” he said.

The fallout of the show was started by Passaris.

KOT then followed.

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