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Outrage after murderous villagers are filmed slaughtering hapless elephant

A video capturing members of the public brutally hacking an elephant to death has angered Kenyans. The 30-second video show a group of men armed with machetes and stones mercilessly attacking the cornered animal.

According to some tweeps, the incident is believed to have happened in Meru County.

The elephant is crouched on its knees as one person wields a panga and hacks its hind legs, cutting off chunks of its flesh while it is still alive.

A source at the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) told Nairobi News that no official communication has yet been given in regards to the matter.

However, investigations have already started to determine if the video is current or an old one.

“We are aware of the unfortunate video that is circulating on social media. Preliminary investigations indicate that this is very old clip contrary to what the public are being led to believe. We shall share more once we get full info from our people on the ground,” a statement from KWS said.

On social media livid Kenyans condemned the incident, asking the authorities to apprehend the perpetrators.

“Absolutely reckless!!!!!!! @NPSOfficial_KE @kwskenya please, help to bring these peaheads to book,” said @PatOti2000.

“Have we been reduced to this? Yes I know sometimes there’s human wildlife conflicts but this is so uncouth least to say an economic sabotage altogether,” wrote @voctorkbett.

“This is so wrong in a million different levels… hakuna wakusaidia?” asked @Karolina_Kare.

“Anyone who can chop an elephant alive like that is capable of killing a human being. This is very wrong,” commented @VeraAkinyi.

“If this is Kenya then something is wrong,” stated @SolomonKipKoec.

“I do not care what that poor animal did. This is completely amoral. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” said @MtaitaMkauma.