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Outrage after man rams Range Rover into seven cars

Residents of Hazina Estate in Nairobi’s South B have asked the police to confiscate a firearm from one of their neighbours who rammed his Range Rover SUV into seven parked cars early Monday morning.

They said that the resident, who is a businessman in the city, has on several occasions threatened them with the firearm he is licensed to carry.

The businessman drove his car into seven vehicles parked inside the gated estate when he was arriving at around 2.30 am.

His Range Rover knocked the seven vehicles before overturning about 100 meters from the estate gate.

A resident who did not want to be named said the businessman was driving at a high speed when he arrived in the built up area.

“He knocked the first vehicle and pushed it into another one, then he avoided them and again knocked several others before overturning. The driver did not stop the car even after knocking the first cars,” a neighbour said.


He said the diver was drunk and when his neigbours went to the scene to try and rescue him he threatened to shoot and kill them with the firearm.

“We were breaking the window screens of the vehicle to get him out and he kept screaming and reaching out for his firearm,” another resident said.

Neigbours told Nairobi News that the businessman, who lives alone in one of the units, is fond of speeding, despite having been warned on several occasions because of the risk to children playing within the estate.

Their refusal to be named in the media is testament of the fear the man has instilled in them.

“He even threatened to shoot a police officer who came to the scene after the accident, forcing him to ask residents to help him handcuff him into an ambulance,” a neigbour said, adding that most residents have had to obtain court orders to compel him to among other things, stop parking at their designated spots.


A security guard at the estate claimed that the car owner had issued an order at the gate that the guards should open the gate whenever they see his car.

“All cars entering the estate are supposed to be checked and inspected at the barrier, but the man usually refuses to be checked. He demands that by the time his car arrives at the gate, it should be wide open,” the guard added.

The man’s badly damaged car was towed to the Industrial Area Police station, while the owner was taken to a Nairobi hospital as police conduct investigations into the incident.

Police said the motor vehicle owner could face multiple charges including careless and dangerous driving, driving under the influence, driving a motor vehicle without a valid insurance, misuse of a firearm and resisting lawful arrest.