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Oppo picks Pascal Tokodi, Avril as Reno 3 product O-Stars

Global smartphone maker OPPO has picked musician Avril (Judith Nyambura) and actor Pascal Tokodi as Product O-Stars to its iconic Oppo Reno3 phone that is now available in Kenya.

The two celebrities will have an exclusive partnership with Oppo for the next 12 months. Their role will be to break down and spread the influence of the Reno3 phone that has been described as a masterpiece in terms of its camera power.

As Kenyans continue to adapt to the new norm of working and staying at home, Oppo hopes that the new Oppo Reno3 will help them in defining their moments during this time by documenting them through pictures and videos.

OPPO Picks Avril and Pascal as Reno3 Product O-Stars

The two will represent how the Reno3 key features embody a helpful partner in their line of work or can even reflect their personalities. Despite the different interests and lifestyles of Oppo O-stars Avril and Pascal, they both agree that each Reno3 feature has been a means to improve their performance and help them reach large portions of their fans.

The Oppo’s latest generation of the best-selling Reno series is already shaking the Kenyan market with its powerful cameras.