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Online ‘pastor’ busted in dramatic chat on Facebook Messenger

There was drama in a popular women group after a member busted a self-proclaimed online priest who had been asking for tithes online.

The users shared a screenshot by a member by the name Nagina who questioned the alleged priest on via inbox consequently she (Nagina) was evicted from the prayer group.

A user Ruby Y Yekutiel has been preaching every morning in a Facebook group using her pseudo account that bears no profile picture.

At some point, she started receiving tithes from group members and when one of the members in-boxed her requesting that she reveals her full identity before receiving tithes, the ‘pastor became abusive.

Members who had sent the said tithes did not reveal the name of the recipient prompting other women to start being suspicious.

A member said she had been following Ruby’s preaching but when she asked for tithe her sixth sense questioned the motive.

It was then that she in-boxed her to find out her true identity and the response she got was being called a Chameleon and Viper by the ‘woman of God’.

Here are the screenshots of the Facebook Messenger conversation: