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One stabbed in daring robbery at city centre

Police are investigating an early morning robbery incident at Caxton building along Kenyatta Avenue in which goods of unknown value were stolen and one person seriously injured.

Central Division OCPD Paul Wanjama told Nairobi News that police are yet to establish the worth of the goods stolen during the robbery .

“We managed to detain a vehicle that was ferrying goods suspected to have been stolen from the scene together with its driver,” he said.


Mr Wanjama added that a victim of the robbery, who was stabbed and injured severely, had been rushed to hospital and his condition is yet to be confirmed.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of robbers approached the building in three lorries and sealed the building’s entrance using iron sheets and wooden planks.

They then proceeded to cut the metal doors of the ground floor, while others went up the building to raid offices in the upper floors.

The most affected premise was Office Mart Ltd whose wares were scattered outside the building. One of their huge photocopier was stuck near an opening created by the robbers.


Seal Honey Ltd and Monsiur shop, also located on the ground floor, had minimal damage on their doors.

Business owners with premises on the first, second and third floors were still inspecting their premises by the time of publishing.

Those located on third floor have ascertained that their wares were untouched during the incident.