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Dr Ofweneke’s reaction to how much socialite spent on skin lightening will make your day

Comedian Dr Ofweneke’s reaction after socialite Bridgit Achieng said she spent Sh3million to lighten her skin has gone viral online.

Ofweneke, who was hosting a show in which Achieng and Churchill Show’s MC Jessy were guests, poured water on his made-up face and sat on the floor.

He removed his specs and went on to count, “one… two… three million,” while screaming.

It took the effort of his guest MC Jessy to calm him down as the socialite watched on.


Achieng had said she lost count of how much her skin lightening procedures cost her adding, “last I checked I was at 3 million.”

The socialite was spotted partying with Vera Sidika’s Nigerian ex-boyfriend Yomi.

Vera and Yomi’s breakup featured a bitter spat online as Vera accused the Nigerian of battering her.

She shared screenshots of their private conversation even as alleged nudes of her leaked online which she attributed to the ex-boyfriend.

Vera, like Achieng, is on record for saying that it cost her Sh15million to lighten her skin.