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ODM calls for disbandment of PSCU

ODM has called for the disbanding of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s communications team accusing it of misinforming Kenyans.

The party, in a statement, said the State House-based Presidential Strategic Communications Unit (PSCU) should be shut down claiming its “sometimes infantile, ill-informed, unprofessional attempts to speak for the Presidency has served only to anger, confuse, divide and become the laughing stock of Kenyans”.

“Kenyans have no reason to continue funding what is clearly a party propaganda unit that thrives on misinformation and is determined to continue the unending partisan campaign using tax payers’ money,” read the statement.


“The country cannot be run on the basis of perpetual spin and photo opportunities. Elections are long over. Kenyans want action and substance.”

The party has stepped up its attacks against the Jubilee government in the face of runaway insecurity that has claimed innumerable lives.

The party also called for on the police to arrest and prosecute all those mentioned in the “chicken scandal” emerging in the UK.

“We also take note of the continuing revelations in the UK regarding the conduct of IEBC officials. It is not the first time the integrity of the IEBC is being put to question,” read the statement.

“The legitimacy of the IEBC has never been this low. The trust in the body has never been lower. The competence and impartiality of the IEBC has never been this questioned.”