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Odinga to DP Ruto: I’m not a mganga

ODM party leader Raila Odinga has asked Deputy President William Ruto to desist from calling him a ‘mganga’, which is a Swahili word for witch doctor.

The DP has on several occasions referred to Odinga as a witchdoctor while painting him as one who is against the church.

However, speaking in Homa Bay on Tuesday during the ordination of Bishop Michael Odiwa, Raila affirmed that he was a true and devout Christian.

“I’m a Christian, those who refer to me as mtu wa vitendawili na mganga (a witch doctor) should stop. A witch doctor is a person who treats people. Even though I don’t mind being called one, I want to be known as a true Christian,” said Raila.

Nonetheless, the former PM appreciated the church for the role it played in preaching unity among leaders, saying they contributed to his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The word ‘mganga’ has been common in Ruto’s attacks towards the opposition leader.

This is not the first time Odinga is defending himself from claims by his political rivals that he does not believe in God.

In January while speaking during a town hall meeting with religious leaders in Nairobi, Odinga affirmed his belief in God and rubbished claims that he engages in witchcraft.

He added that it is only through God’s grace that he has survived all the tribulations with his family.

“I’m a beneficiary of God’s mercies and miracles, so many times I’m left speechless when holier-than-thou members of our country say that Raila does not believe in God….ni mtu wa vitendawili, ni mganga. Who will not believe in God after going through what I have gone through?” Odinga posed.

Odinga further clarified that he is not opposed to the funding of the church, stating that his concern is the use of the church to play politics and launder money.

“We support the growth of the Church…we support the funding of the Church but we are against the use of the Church to play politics. People should also not use the church to launder money,” he said.