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Raila keeps off Miguna by blocking him on Twitter

The fallout between opposition leader Raila Odinga and exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna seems to have reached a point of no return after the former blocked the latter on Twitter.

It is the vocal Miguna who confirmed this development via the same social media platform.

Probably undeterred, Miguna also described Odinga – for the umpteenth time – as a ‘coward’.


He also suggested the move by the Nasa leader had something to do with the release of his latest book titled; Treason: The Case Against Tyrants and Renegades.

This development implies that Miguna cannot access or comment on Odinga’s tweets. Neither can he access his profile, or send him a message.

Odinga and Miguna have enjoyed a love-hate relationship since 2005.


After initially supporting his boss in the aftermath of the controversial 2007 general elections, Miguna fell out with Odinga immediately after the ODM leader was named Prime Minister in the Grand Coalition government.

The duo would later reunite 10 years later after Odinga again lost the presidency and Miguna the Nairobi gubernatorial seat.

While Odinga would later close ranks with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Miguna suffered the misfortune of being forced into exile, something he blames Odinga for.