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SNAPPY 7: Nyokabi Githaiga – I stalked Mark Wahlberg all night in Hollywood

Nyokabi “Kabi” Githaiga’s describes herself as an artist, dreamer, pathfinder and student of life. The actress has been making waves in the movie industry and was once considered for a role on Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave.

She gave an exceptional performance in the award winning film Kati Kati as Kaleche and has also been in I Am Slave in 2010, and also played Dada on Going Bongo, a film by American Gregory Zymet.

She spoke to Nairobi News about her career highlights.

1. Apart from acting, you also model and sing? – Yes I do, but at the moment I have a love-hate relationship with music. Still trying to record and release stuff out. Modeling is very hard and I also have a part time job, teaching.

2. You also had a cameo on Nairobi Half Life? – Yes I had, and I had a lot of fun doing it though it was short.

3. How long have you had an interest in theatre? – I feel like all my life because I love theatre. I remember from the days I was still young trying to get in every school play, so I think I have been in it my whole life. Professionally I started acting on screen in 2009 when I did my first film I Am Slave.

4. How was the experience acting Kati Kati? – It was really magical. I always keep saying Kati Kati script was phenomenal. It was engaging, creative, profound, poetic, it was such a great experience. I grew from that film.

5. What has been the highlight of your career?Kati Kati got selected to be screened in Hollywood and I got a chance to attend with Mbithi Masya, the film director, and my husband. We really got to the whole Hollywood experience.

During one of the gala nights we were in a room with Mark Wahlberg, for me that was my highlight. I was too nervous to go and ask for a picture, so I just kept stalking him in the room.

6. What has changed since you officially got into the film industry? – My stress levels have definitely increased. Acting is a struggle and I think every actor, actress knows that, because there is so much uncertainty in the field. You do a job and then you start asking yourself where will I get the next gig. It takes long for someone to have a job after another.

Another thing that has changed is the outlook on the whole process of acting. When I started acting it was something I did because I enjoyed it, but now I’ve realized that it is more than just reading lines on a paper. Now it is getting and mastering the character you will be playing and also getting in touch with yourself and emotions.

7. What advice would you give a 21 year old Nyokabi? – The biggest thing I would tell myself is its okay to make mistakes and that everyone is clueless. At the end of the day everyone is sort of guessing their routes as they go.