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Nubians mark their big day

It was the most anticipated event for the Nubian community meant to celebrate the end of many years of segregation.

After a long time in a state of limbo over their nationality, on Saturday, they were finally unveiled as Kenyans 43rd tribe.

Elders who attended the Bomas of Kenya event described it as an important milestone in the history of Nubians.

The community showcased its culture. Its traditional food was available in plenty for all to admire and eat to their fill.

The community also took pride in showcasing its rich cultural wedding, full with the preceding bride negotiations popularly known as Wafaq.

There was an almost palpable pride in the air as the Nubians took pride in the fact that they had managed to preserve their culture.

“The Nubian community is finally getting the recognition it deserves. We can learn a lot from their culture. They are our brothers and sisters,” said Gerald Muka, a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

He had travelled from Taita.

At  the end of the day, the community elected a cultural ambassador from among 11 nominees.

Mr Koor Asman Koor, the new ambassador will also represent Kenya in the up coming Kenya Cultural Week.

The event was attended by among others Sudan Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Osama Ahmed Bari, Kibra Member of Parliament Ken Okoth.

Before the recognition, Nubians had a hard time getting identification documents and therefore it was even much harder to obtain important documents such as title deeds for their economic development.