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NTSA summons reckless Tahmeed bus driver caught on video

The National Transport and Safety Authority has summoned the management of Tahmeed Company together with their driver who was filmed driving recklessly.

The driver was filmed driving a passenger bus at over 100KPH, way above the 80KPHspeed limit of public service vehicle.

The video went viral on social media.

In an update on Twittter, NTSA said that it had also impounded the bus registration KCL 414C.

“UPDATE on case of bus registration KBN399F: Our attention has been drawn to a footage of mentioned bus being driven carelessly along NRB-MBS highway on 13th October 2018. NTSA has summoned officials of the Company,driver & impounded the bus awaiting inspection,” NTSA said in the tweet.

The video was taken by a driver of a private vehicle that was being driven at 120KPH but could not reach the bus that was headed to the Coast.

In the video, the driver calls for the intervention of NTSA saying;  “someone should do something to the buses.”

And in a strange twist, Kenyans on Twitter also called for the arrest of the motorist who filmed the video because he was also driving carelessly.

This are some of the reactions calling for the arrest of the driver who took the video.

SLeeZY‏ @onaayi; “Ata wewe something should be done,120 na unaongea kwa simu hivo ,you two are the same.”

Mut Mut‏ @Mut47068483; “Arrest the person who posted the video too. You don’t break the law to prevent breaking the law. Both are on wrong.”

Others wanted the driver of the bus arrested

Benji Ndolo‏ @BenjiNdolo: “Just suspend the bus driver’s license, these crooks are wild and heartless..slaughtering docile Kenyans ruthlessly on the roads every week.”

Ramo‏ @Ja_GemKathomo; “I thought maximum speed limit on Kenya highways is 100 km/ hr. Can @ntsa_kenya please clarify.”

Though others supported the bus driver
Ali mohammed‏ @ali5mohammed13; “That video would have been better if it was the bus overtaking that car while the car was at not so sure that bus was over dismissed on technicalities.”

Brutonson‏ @DaSignior; “How can you authenticate that the speedometer of the car was working effectively? Even the car needs inspection before you crucify the bus driver.”