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Nollywood queen ‘Mama G’ in town for talent search

Celebrated African actress Patience Ozokwor is in town.

The Nigerian movie star, famously known as “Mama G” expressed her gratitude upon jetting into Nairobi on Tuesday night, days before she officiates a key talent search event in the City.

The event dubbed “Good to great talent weekend“, will be staged at the KICC this weekend.

“I always told you I will be back, and am really happy to be back in Kenya.” the 57 year old told journalists, before adding “by the way we have a great acting potential in Africa but will only harness it through acting”.

The Enugu State born Mama G is regarded as a pioneer actresses in the vibrant Nigerian film industry.

She has starred in more than 200 movies to date, with conservative estimates indicating her earnings to average Sh300,000 per film.

Patience Ozokwor is a teacher by profession and retains interests in music, fashion and design.

Nigerian movies are arguably the most popular in Kenya, especially among the middle lower working class and thus a constant fixture in 90 percent of local TVs.

Several actors in Nigeria, the second largest movie producer in the world, have off late pitched camp in Kenya in efforts to tap the local talents and explore partnership opportunities.