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Why Njugush quit ‘The Real Househelps of Kawangware’

Kenyan comedian Njugush has quit popular TV show, The Real Househelps of Kawangware. Without expounding, the witty actor cited changes in “scripting and directing” as his main reasons for his surprise decision to quit.

A snitch, however, tells Nairobi News that Njugush, born Timothy Kimani, left the show after disagreement with producers over low payments.

The local drama was once scripted by Abel Mutua and directed by Phil Karanja –the two left the show three weeks ago over similar concerns.

Njugush, who has been part of the show since its inception, announced his departure on his Facebook page on Tuesday, May 17. Last year, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o said Njugush was her favourite Kenyan actor.

“Hi Fam, I will nolonger be on ‪#‎trhk sad as might be. This is due to Important aspects of the show changing for the new season. The aspects being Scripting and Directing.change is not bad, but without gelled abd oiled transition I feel it would put characters, plot, and the whole show in jeopardy,” Njugush wrote.


He also added how humbled he was to be given the opportunity to be in the show.

“However, I’m really humbled for all the support youve given me as a character through and through.I have grown in measures un forseen, And for that I will forever be greatful (sic) for your undying love. Also Protel studios asante for the platform you gave me.”

In his post Njugush hinted he might be back on the screen soon, which sources claim could be own-produced short clips.

“Above all God for weaving this basket to completion. But not to worry the rest of the gang will still be on. Its been real, again thanks sooo much for your love. Should things change youll be in the loop. But dont be mistaken will be back soon in a new outfit. Till next one cheers,” he said.

In The Real Househelps of Kawangware, Njugush played the role of a young, hustling hawker with ambitions were house helps fight to win his heart. He was one of the key acts in the TV show.