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Ngara hawkers force residents out of their homes

The increasing number of hawkers in Ngara is pushing residents from their homes.

Residents said it had become a nightmare to access their homes as hawkers, most of whom deal with food had invaded the estate.

Aside from occupying almost every passable space on the streets, the homeowners said hawkers had also resulted to displaying their wares outside their gates, besides using their perimeter walls to erect structures.

And now deserted homesteads are a common feature on the estate with owners forced to sell the properties to escape the hawking menace.  Up to 100 residents had moved out.

The most affected streets include Tiwi, Kalobot, Kienjeku and Shilingi roads near Fig Tree Hotel. The traders had put up semi-permanent structures to house their wares.

No avail

Ngara Residents Association Chairman Taj Habib said they had had to contend with the situation for 10 years. Their numerous complaints to authorities had not borne any fruits.

“I have piles of letters written over the years to the authorities seeking intervention, to move the hawkers to designated markets to no avail,” said Mr Habib.

He said the association was not for the forceful eviction of the traders.

“These are hardworking Kenyans fending for their families and depriving them of a livelihood is just not proper,” he said.

A spot check revealed that there were up to 15 open air kitchens sharing fences with homesteads.

“This is a fire disaster waiting to happen as the structures are built with wood and polythene papers, items that are highly flammable,” he said.