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Why some exam candidates are not receiving their success cards

A section of school heads are blocking the delivery of success cards to Form Four and Class Eight candidates until they have finished sitting for their examinations.

The primary and secondary school heads are hiding away the success cards sent to candidates via postal services in a bid to curb exam cheating.

This is because of suspicion that some parents and friends could be sharing purported exam leakages by tucking such material inside the success cards.

Parents with day scholar candidates are now advising friends and relatives to send their success cards through courier services, because cards sent through the postal services are being withheld by schools.

On the other hand, parents with candidates in boarding schools are sneaking the success cards to school through teaching and support staff.


Examination regulations stipulate that candidates should have no contact with outsiders during the period of the examinations.

A Mombasa parent advised a relative to use the bus courier services as opposed to the school’s postal service to ensure success cards reach the candidate during the examination period.

Another parent vented on social media; “Who else sent success cards through posta na hazikufika…almost zote nilituma hazikufika…na watoto washaamaliza their exam…that’s bad.”

Another added; “Wangu walipewa after exams you wonder hio motivation ya cards during exams itawork aje.”

One teacher told Nairobi News that the restrictions are aimed at controlling the contact candidates have with outsiders during the examination period.

“Some schools want their candidates to concentrate and avoid distractions and so they opt to keep all cards until the last day of the exams when the students will be given their cards received through the school address,” the teacher who sought anonymity said.