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VIDEO: Who was that woman crawling behind Uhuru during TV interview?

Kenyans were on Friday left baffled after a State House aide was caught on live television crawling behind President Uhuru Kenyatta as he fielded questions from journalists.

The president round table interview at State House, Mombasa was aired live by all leading national television stations.

In a short clip on the incident, President Kenyatta was speaking about the country’s growing GDP when all over sudden a woman wearing what looks like a blue dress crawls behind him in awkward attempt to evade the cameras.

The mysterious woman then disappears behind the giant flags mounted behind the president.

Kenyans on Twitter couldn’t hide their curiosity on the embarrassing moment, coming up with all manner of witty explanations on what would have prompted the woman to take such measures.

This is what KOT had to say.

“Who’s crawling at Ikulu?” asked Sophie Adan.

“Aki but who is that crawling huko nyuma?” asked Sally Ranji.

“This lady at the back was demonstrating our economy, a CRAWLING ECONOMY,” said @Neshkin92.

“Someone crawling,,,that must be one of the female journalist after kufkuzwa kwa round table,” wrote @Wandia.

“How traffic flows behind the president #PresidentialRoundTableKE,” commented @KenyanTraffic.