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Uhuru ditched by his ‘number one’ fan on Twitter

President Uhuru Kenyatta seems to have lost one loyal follower on Twitter, who until very recently was his staunchest defender.

The tweep, by the user name Wess Kym, is now calling on Kenyans to boycott the forthcoming Madaraka Day celebrations to be held in Meru on June 1 so as to make the president feel the pain of addressing an empty stadium.

The tweep’s gripe with the president appears to be recent corruption scandals that have rocked the Jubilee government in recent days.

This is in stark contrast to earlier posts on the user’s timeline stretching back to early last year.

During the political campaigns in the run up to last year’s general elections, the tweep seemed to see nothing wrong in President Kenyatta.

At one point he even referred to the president as ‘a true man anointed by God’ while also lauding his skills in ‘hustling for votes’.

Kenyans on Twitter have however been quick in reminding the tweep of his past ‘romance’ with the president.