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Sonko finally ends ‘self-imposed exile’ in Machakos

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has finally returned to the capital city after momentarily relocating City Hall’s operations to Machakos this past week.

The governor has been operating from his Mua Hills home in Machakos County ‘for fear for his life’ after his security detail was down scaled to only five police officers.

Upon arrival in the city on Sunday, Sonko made impromptu tours to various estates to oversee ongoing road repairs.

The governor announced that plans are at an advanced stage to have new bus termini across the capital city operational, assuring Nairobi residents that the county ‘is on the move and he will not entertain critics’.

“Our focus is to have functional infrastructure in Nairobi. With these new centres, we will be able to reduce the chaotic traffic congestion within Nairobi,” Sonko said in a statement sent to newsrooms by deputy Director of Communication Elkana Jacob.


The City Hall boss said the construction and rehabilitation of various roads within the CBD and estates are in progress, adding that the re-carpeting of Ukwara Lane and construction of the busy Railways Bus Terminal have already started.

“The construction in Railways terminus also includes fixing of the drainage system that was causing flooding during the rainy season,” he said.

In addition, the rehabilitation of roads outside the city centre has also begun including in Kayole Estate where city engineers have started re-carpeting the busy Matopeni Road, a crucial link road in the area.

“So far the rehabilitation of Gwasi, Sheikh Karume and Kilome Roads in the CBD have been completed as we hasten our efforts to complete 20 other roads,” he said.

The other roads that are set to receive a facelift in the city centre are Redile Road, Mfangano Street, Mfangano Lane, Wakulima Road, Nkuruma Lane, Monrovia Lane among others.


“I am appealing for patience from Nairobi residents as we strive to fix the dilapidated roads in Nairobi even as we wait for the financial year in order to cover all areas that are in need of our attention,” said Sonko.

Meanwhile, Nairobi County executive in charge of Devolution Ms Veska Kangogo has said that the county has in the last two weeks increased the frequency of garbage collection in all the wards in a bid to consolidate its efforts in cleaning the city.

“The devolution department, through the local MCAs, has identified 20 youth in each ward who will be responsible for cleaning and collecting garbage,” said Kagongo.

She said the anti-dumping enforcement team has also been able to arrest, prosecute and close down hotels that have been notorious in dumping garbage within the CBD.

She added that major clean up activities to remove piles of garbage close to 2,000 per day will be scaled up to 2,500 tonnes per day in the next 100 days.