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Ruto to block out critics on Twitter

Deputy President William Ruto’s social media handlers say they will follow American President Barrack Obama’s style by blocking all those who use abusive language against him on social media.

The DP’s Communications Secretary David Mugonyi also maintains that the office is open to both positive and negative criticism from the public on performances.

“Twitter has a feature of blocking people. There is a reason why it was put there . Potus (President of United States of America) Obama’s official Twitter handle blocked five people on day one. We will block anyone who uses abusive language on the DP. We accept any criticism positive and negative. We don’t accept abuses.” Mugonyi told Nairobi News.

The DP has been blocking tens of Twitter users daily from his 500k plus handle, @WilliamsRuto.

Activist Boniface Mwangi is among the prominent persons to be blocked by Ruto’s team after he reportedly highlighted the controversial subject of the grabbed Langata Primary School playground.