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Red alert after Mbooni OCS disappears with OCPD’S official car

Police have been put on high alert across the country after Mbooni West Officer Commanding Station Abraham Borborei disappeared with the OCPD’S official car without authorisation.

The alert by Mbooni OCPD J Barasa says the OCS cannot be traced on phone after going AWOL on Thursday.

The officer was driving himself in the Grand Tiger vehicle registration number GKB 104D.

“Up to now on September 2 2016 his whereabouts are not known…efforts to trace him through his mobile numbers have been all in vain,” reads the alert, seen by Nairobi News.

“Please trace him and detain the said motor vehicle. He is also armed with a ceska (pistol). Disarm him and then inform this end for necessary action.”