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Orange Kenya disowns flirtatious employee, offers apology to customer

Telkom Kenya, the owners of Orange mobile company, has disowned an employee who is accused of breaching privacy rules when he hit on a woman he had served at the customer care section.

Telkom Kenya says the customer, who filed a complaint on Twitter, was served by a sales agent from one of their device partners, whose team was conducting a sales drive on devices in the affected retail shop.

“We have been in touch with the device partner to ensure that all their agents comply with Telkom Kenya’s privacy policy on customer data and the code of conduct,” the firm said in a statement posted on Twitter.

“Once again, Telkom Kenya does not accept actions taken by our partners and their agents, leading to any breach of company policy, including but not limited to the privacy of customer data.”

On Friday, Laura Lolo complained that a male employee of Orange had sent her messages via WhatsApp asking to know her.

He had served her earlier on at the retail shop.

The move by the disgruntled customer to report the employee publicly has divided opinion on Twitter.