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This is what Nairobians told Igathe on his exit

Former Nairobi deputy governor Polycarp Igathe on Wednesday vacated his position at City Hall on the expiry of his resignation notice.

“It has been a great pleasure serving Nairobians & I will continue to serve as an advisor, beyond my previous position of Nairobi County Deputy Governor.” he tweeted.

The replies on the tweet quickly took an interesting turn as some users told him no one required his advice.

@KiambaReloaded replied, “Just go home.”

@georgemugwanja commented, “You would have pleaded temporary insanity and gone back to work. Kudos I admire your courage, not many like you around.”

@DennisOdera5 added, “Sawa tu. Just go n keep your advice.”

@Dmx254 wrote, “Advisor to who? Go advice Kalonzo.”

@SladeHumphrey replied, “Polycarp it will be a tough one for you to be an advisor to the same people who you could not agree. All the same best of luck.”


Igathe to vacate Deputy Governor’s office today

@kamuriks stated, “Wewe Na Kalonzo together disappointment one side!!”

@koechbens added, “No one needs your advice, you failed Nairobians. Politics isn’t a girlfriend whom you break up today and come back tomorrow.”

@JohnMbatha7 commented, “Haha njaanuary si mchezo.”

@MissKinyanjuiMo wrote, “You had a very good vision for Nairobi and I believe you would have restored the city back to its glory days. I believe all things happen for a reason. The bold step you took cannot be taken by many. God has better plans for you. All the best in your future plans.”

@G_Abagaro added, “You would have done more & better while DG. However, the spirit of remaining available to serve Nairobians in a different capacity & on charity basis is encouraging. Indeed, we don’t need to fill political offices to be of use to the society.”

@RobertOukoAura stated, “Indeed you’ve shown that even in Kenya a leader can resign from office without public pressure or even scandals and corruption allegation cases. Kudos Polycarp…still watching on you.”

@edison_papa replied, “When the house is burning you don’t ran away but you look first for a way of putting it off!”