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Kigali benchmarking trip for boda boda riders will restore sanity in Nairobi, Sonko team says

Nairobi City County Inspectorate Department, Operations Department Director Peter Mbaya has responded to concerns over the benchmarking trip to Rwanda.

The planned trip, which will involve 300 boda boda riders, traders and matatu operators, has elicited mixed reactions with some people expressing concerns over the cost and assurance that it would have on behavioral change impact.

Mbaya in an interview on Citizen TV said he was sure the hawkers and boda boda riders will change their ways and help restore sanity in the city.

“I’m very sure they will change as they will see the Rwandese are still making good business while working in organised ways.  They have to change as previously there are people who went there and came changed, the Nairobi MCAs were taken to Rwanda and when they came back they stopped fighting they came back changed,” he said.

Mbaya also announced that matatus will be moving out of the CBD starting next week but said a definite date will be announced on Friday.


Sonko to take 300 boda boda riders, traders, matatu operators on benchmarking trip to Kigali

“Next week we are moving them out of the CBD when they come back they will be able to teach the others how things should be done. It has been confirmed they are moving next week but the date is not confirmed we shall announce after our meeting today with the transport PS,”  he added.

“We have prepared all terminus except one that will be ready by Monday, the terminus are near GSU, Muranga Road 1 & 2, one on Park Road, Muthurwa, Central Bus Station and Westlands terminus where passengers will be dropped off.

“We have vetted the few huge capacity buses that will be allowed to crisscross the city to make it easy for commuters to access the CBD in an orderly way,” he said.

Mbaya expressed confidence that the plan will work out and the CBD will be freed of matatus and hawkers.

“I could say the former county government was not serious in what they were doing. We are very serious and will restore sanity in the city in the next six months. When we vet for vehicles to be crisscrossing in the city we will take care of commuters we believe that the hawkers will follow the matatus to the terminus as we have also created space for them there and so everyone will be comfortable,” he added.

He urged Nairobians to follow the bylaws and support the move to make Nairobi better place to live.