Mwende Gatabaki, wife of Nasa strategist David Ndii, addressing journalists in Mombasa over her husbnad's arrest. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGAMwende Gatabaki, wife of Nasa strategist David Ndii, addressing journalists in Mombasa over her husbnad's arrest. PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA

The wife of National Super Alliance (Nasa) Chief Strategist David Ndii has demanded his release saying he is not a criminal.

Mwende Gatabaki Ndii, in a no-holds-barred press conference accused police of traumatising their 11-year-old daughter when they arrested her husband as she watched.

“In the political world you never know what is serious and what is not. I believe in him and he is not a criminal,” she charged.

“He is not corrupt and he has never taken anything.”

An emotional Mrs Ndii recounted the details of the arrest which happened at Leopard Beach Resort in Kwale County.

She said her husband was taken as their shocked daughter watched.

“Seven officers came, two were armed with guns. The approached my husband as he was together with our daughter heading to the dining room. They said they wanted to have a word with him. After knowing that they were officers, he requested for a phone since he was not carrying his and made some calls before the officers drove away with him,” she said.

She added that the officers told her that they were taking him to Diani police station but when they arrived here they realised that he was not at the station.


“It is here that the police asked to get back to the hotel where they searched and got nothing,” said.

She said after going back to the police station, she was detained for some minutes before Nasa leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Winnie Odinga came and secured her release.

Mrs Ndii said they were in coast for holidays and not for anything political.

“There was nothing political about it. We had come for a wedding on Saturday and then proceed for a holiday with our daughter who has closed the school,” said Mrs Ndii who was accompanied by Mombasa deputy governor William Kingi at Treasury Square.

On the threats that her husband has been facing, Mrs Ndii said state officers have always been trailing him.

“There is always a car which comes and parks outside our gate. They normally come whenever we are not in the house and they pretend to be looking for some people around but we know what they have been coming for home,” she said.

Mrs Ndii said as a family their security was not assured.

On the information that her husband was in Nairobi DCI headquarters, Mrs Ndii said: “I do not believe these people and its because on how they handled us since yesterday. Lying to us like children,” she said.