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‘Man of God’ who drinks beer while preaching arrested – PHOTOS

Police in Tanzania have arrested a self-styled prophet who has been roaming the streets, preaching while holding a bottle of beer.

The man, known as Prophet Tito or Nabii Tito, was on Tuesday paraded to the media by Tanzanian authorities who said that he was insane.

The man, who also goes by the name Tito Machibya, was arrested in Dodoma following public outcry after he posted pictures of himself kissing his wife and house girl.


Dodoma Regional Commissioner Gilles Muroto said that he would issue a statement when the interrogation of the ‘prophet’ is completed.

He added that the ‘prophet’ was once examined by a psychiatrist and found to be insane.


“After being diagnosed by the doctor, he was given another appointment which he did not keep,” he said.

The authorities added that although the prophet was insane, the things he was doing looked like the actions of a sane person and that is why they had arrested him.


Photos of Tito kissing two women made rounds on social media and irritated quite a number of Tanzanians who called him out for his queer behaviors.

Confirming the arrest, IGP Simon Sirro said Tito had been arrested following public complaints and will be dealt with accordingly.

Tito’s arrest was lauded by a cross section of Tanzanians who congratulated the police.