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Man in childless marriage forgives wife who squeezed his genitals

A man stunned a Narok court Thursday when he decided to forgive his wife who squeezed his genitals while he was in deep sleep.

Doris Nyamwita had pleaded guilty to the charge before principal magistrate Titus Gesora that, on the night of August 2, at Kisiriri trading center, she squeezed and pulled the private parts of her husband Stanley Sameri Mukari, injuring him.


Court documents show that the man’s troubles started with a domestic quarrel during the day, when he threatened to marry another woman, claiming that Ms Nyamwita had failed to bear him children.

As the evening progressed, everything appeared normal and was the routine, the couple had dinner and retired for the night. But Ms Nyamwita had other things in mind.

Prosecutor David Mwangi told the court that at around 3am, Mr Sameri was woken up by a sharp pain in his private parts and found his wife pulling and twisting his genitals.

And in the struggle to save his manhood, he sustained serious injuries and was left with “unbearable pain”, which he had to endure until daybreak.

Mr Sameri was taken to Narok County Referral hospital at dawn where he was treated and discharged.

He reported the matter at the Narok police station leading to the arrest of his wife.


However, when she was arraigned in court Thursday, Ms Nyamwita told the court that her husband had something to say.

So, Mr Gesora, the magistrate gave Mr Sameri a chance to address the court.

“I would like to tell the court that I have forgiven my wife, and I am not interested in pursuing the case,” he said, sending the court into fits of laughter.

The magistrate had no objection to the reconciliation of the two, but advised couples to settle their differences amicably through dialogue and not violence.

He noted that domestic violence was on rise in the country with many people losing their lives “in the hands of those they love or once loved and trusted most”.

Just recently, a 27-year-old woman in Machakos had her both hands chopped off by her husband, who also accused her of failing to bear him children.