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Kesses MP Swarup captured threatening police boss after he is found holding public meeting

Kesses MP Mishra Swarup threatened to have Kesses assistant sub-county commander Ceilia Kemboi transferred after she tried to stop a meeting he was holding illegally in Eldoret in the weekend.

The MP was busted holding the illegal meeting despite a directive by the government banning all public gatherings to control the spread of the coronavirus.

“This lady is saying that she is not aware of this meeting,” the MP is heard saying as he intimidated and humiliated the officer in front of his constituents.

The MP then threatens to push for the transfer of the Kesses assistant sub-county police boss, who ordered a stop to his meeting, as he hurled insults at her publicly.

“This is the time we need security in my country. Tell her to cooperate, otherwise we’ll replace her with a good one,” he said angrily as he made a call to her seniors.

Minutes later, the MP is caught in a phone video recording agitated and starts shouting, asking the sub-county boss to stop making phone calls.

“Switch off the phone. Is this the way we work? I will resign now. She has to be transferred—switch off the phone. Don’t bring politics to me. Stupidity of the highest standard, we have all the documentation,” the MP claims, as his security detail restrains him from attacking the police officer.

However, the Jubilee MP was forced to issue a public apology to the officer and her bosses for the altercation before eventually flagging off food donations on Sunday.


The meeting was meant to flag off food aid to be distributed to the needy in his constituency before concerns were raised about the safety during the pandemic.

On March 13, when the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the country, the government banned all public gatherings and warned those who violate of legal action.

“We have suspended all public gatherings, meetings, religious crusades, games, and all events that are of a huge public nature,” Health CS Mutahi Kagwe directed then.