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Kampala Lord Mayor refutes death reports in Nairobi

Kampala Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago has posted photos of himself at Nairobi hospital in a bid to fight off social media reports that he is dead.

In a Facebook update that attracted thousands of ‘get well soon’ responses from his followers, Lukwago clarified he was in ‘stable’ condition and on course to full recovery.

“Currently in a stable condition and on course to full recovery, praise be to the Lord of the Universe,” he wrote.

“I will always be grateful to the committed team of physicians and health workers at the Nairobi Hospital led by Professor Godfrey Lule and to you all, dear friends, for your spirited concern and prayers. Looking forward to returning home in a couple of days.”

In the photos that accompanied this statement, Lukwago is seen strolling within the health facility’s vicinity in what he described as a ‘health walk’.

Lukwago’s Deputy Doreen Nyanjura has separately criticized those wishing death upon his boss.

“There are people who have made it a preoccupation to announce others dead, from January to December this is all they do,” she explained in a press statement.

“If they don’t announce those who are alive dead, they confidently declare who is next in the line of death. Do these sadists ever consider the pain, the psychological torture they put those who may be sick but with the hope of recovering?” she posed.

This is the second time Lukwago is receiving treatment at the Nairobi hospital in the past six months.

Known for his eloquent debating skills and his tough stance against President Yoweri Museveni’s regime, Lukwago was overwhelmingly reelected during the country’s general elections in January.

In Kenyan circles, he is commonly associated with a scene from three years ago in which he was roughed up by uniformed policemen outside his gate and later on arrested in an attempt to stop him from leading a demonstration.