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I’m not Uhuru’s wife, Ruto retorts after bromance question – VIDEO

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday dismissed claims that his bromance with President Uhuru Kenyatta was over.

The DP was responding to a question about his working relationship with President Kenyatta in Jubilee party during an interview on NTV saying that as far as he knows, he is only married to one wife – Rachel – and not anyone else.

“I have heard many stories, and I have read many headlines – the marriage has died, bromance, and love. My friend, Uhuru Kenyatta is married to Margaret, and I am married to Rachael,” said Ruto.

The second in command added that there was no marriage business in what they were doing for the country.

“We were elected by the people of Kenya to do a job. Uhuru Kenyatta as president, me as his assistant. What you should be asking me is, ‘are you delivering on the job you were given by Kenyans?”

The media has been reporting on their bromance since 2013 when they would wear matching shirts and ties.


His sentiments come amid talk of his souring relationship with Mr Kenyatta as internal conflicts continue to rock Jubilee Party. The matter is compounded by the President’s renewed war on corruption and his truce (read handshake) with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

President Kenyatta and Mr Ruto were first elected in 2013 on a power sharing and succession agreement where after serving the maximum of two five-year terms, the former would support the latter’s bid for the presidency.

To ensure a smooth transition and eliminate bickering and rivalry amongst their troops, Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto entered the 2017 election under the banner of a unified Jubilee Party after merging their respective parties, The National Alliance and United Republican Party, that formed the initial coalition.