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Moment Igathe was caught on camera toasting to ‘F’ word – VIDEO

Polycarp Igathe, who is serving notice of resignation as Nairobi Deputy Governor, has stirred up a fresh controversy following the emergence of a video showing him using the ‘F’ word while making a toast in the company of friends.

In the video, a jovial Mr Igathe and his friends, including city tycoon Chris Kirubi, is seen toasting to friendship over a drink of canned beer.

The video seems to have been taken during the campaign period since all the subjects are clad in Jubilee branded sleeveless puff jackets.

With all cans and beer glasses raised, it is Mr Igathe who proposes a toast, which he says he learnt during his days in Australia.


“Okay gentlemen, I must teach you the Australian toast. I learnt it when I got my first job in the state government of Queensland. And this is how they used to toast, they have a wonderful toast and since we are all men here and there is no lady we will do it to the letter,” Igathe begins.

“Here is to you, here is to me, the best of friends, we will always be, and if by chance we disagree, well, F*** you, here is to you,” he proceeds with the rest repeating his words.

The video ends with a rapturous laughter from all those in attendance.

Here are some of comments that the video has attracted from Kenyans on Twitter.