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Government sets up Covid-19 WhatsApp info number

The government through the Ministry of Health has set up a WhatsApp number to deal with all queries related to novel coronavirus in the country.

With thousands of queries flowing in regarding the virus, its symptoms or precautionary measures that one should take, the government has decided to set up the Whatsapp number 0110 719719 to respond to all those queries.


Through this number members of the public will be able to send their queries and get automated responses to their questions. All kinds of queries on coronavirus can be put forward through the platform.

“The platforms has an embedded simple self-diagnostic tool to provide information on Covid-19 as requested,” the Ministry said in a statement.

Government also called on Kenyans to help protect their loved ones by sharing the official government Covid-19 WhatsApp service with their family, friends and community.


At the same time, Ministry of Health Director General Dr Patrick Amoth has said that there are plans to have all Kenyan hospitals required to test all admitted patients and those slated for admission for the novel coronavirus.

He said the move will protect the frontline health workers and those admitted in wards from the pandemic.

“It is likely that when an asymptomatic case is admitted to hospital, they may spread the virus to the healthcare workers or other patients in the ward. We need to be able to protect those people,” Dr Amoth said.