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Family claims Huruma hospital swapped their newborn with dead child

A new mother has accused the hospital where she delivered her baby of switching her newborn with a dead one, before quickly apologising for the ‘mix up’ after she had caused drama.

The family of the young woman is now living in fear of what might befall their loved one who was expected to be released from Huruma Nursing Home on Wednesday.

The family says they are not sure about the safety of the new mother and her child, who have been asked to stay at the hospital until Friday.


Lydia Kiluma was stunned when she was told she had had a stillbirth, only for her baby to be brought to her following furious protests.

Speaking to NTV, Sharon Kiluma says that her sister, who gave birth on Monday evening, was handed a dead child immediately after a Cesarean Section, but upon demanding answers and causing drama, a an alive child was brought to her by hospital administrators who claimed that it was a mix up.

The family says that after the news first hit social media and eventually mainstream media, hospital staff became cold towards them, only allowing the husband to see his wife.


The hospital is yet to comment on the incident.