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Family blames KNH of negligence after 16-year-old girl dies at the facility

A distraught family is blaming doctors at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH)of negligence following the death of their 16-year-old daughter at the facility on Sunday morning.

The family says Joyce Wayo, died at the hospital where she had been taken to on Saturday night with breathing complications. They claim the doctors did not treat her with the urgency required to save her life.


The girl’s father, Mr Peter Kanyita, says he received a call from his daughter’s school on Saturday informing him that she was unwell and needed medical attention.

They went to Mathari Hospital but were referred to Kenyatta National Hospital.

Kanyita said they got to KNH at about 10.30pm and that their daughter was unable to breathe.

According to the father, he pleaded with the doctors to giver daughter oxygen because she was short of breath.

“When we got to KNH, I told them the child needed oxygen immediately because she had difficulty in breathing. We begged the doctor to attend to my daughter but they kept us waiting for three hours until she passed on,” Kanyita said.


The father claims that when his daughter started to convulse, the only thing the medics did was to tie her legs tightly with a rope while firmly holding her hands.

The father says their effort to resuscitate came to late.

“The doctors even tried drawing blood from her but none was coming out. That was an indicator that the child had already left us,” he said.

He immediately reported the matter to the police station located within the hospital.

Wayo was a Form 3 student at Kamacharia High School in Murang’a.

The hospital’s Corporate Communications Manager Hezekiah Gikambi however dismissed claims that there was negligence on the part of the hospital.