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Ezekiel Mutua thinks he’s Martin Luther King, Twitter wakes him from slumber

Kenya Film Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua became the butt of hilarious jokes after he compared himself to American civil rights activist Martin Luther King Junior.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Mr Mutua outlines characteristics he claimed to share with Dr King.

He also claimed to have a striking physical resemblance to Dr King.

“They called him the moral champion of the black revolution in the United States. They call me the moral police of Kenya. The resemblance is striking. The inspiration unmistakable. . . . And like him, I HAVE A DREAM. . . Long live the memory of Dr. Luther King!”

Mr Mutua outlined his dream for a better Kenya where leaders will be chosen on their ability to serve the people, and greatness and success will be measured not on the basis of material possession or outward appearance, but by values and the content of one’s character.

“I have a dream that when this new story about Kenya is written I will have played a role in it. So help me God,” wrote Mr Mutua on Facebook.

Kenyans on Twitter were not impressed with the comparison.