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Businessman accuses S. Sudan ‘tycoon’ of swindling him Sh200m in gold scam

An Ethiopian businessman has accused South Sudanese money man Lawrence Malong Lual Yor of obtaining Sh200 million by false pretence in a suspected gold scam.

The 30 year-old, who gained online notoriety after posting videos of himself ‘swimming in the dollars’ on Facebook, might also be forced to clarify – again – links to South Sudan’s General Paul Malong.

Malong Lual Yor previously denounced the General at an interview on Jeff Koinange Live in 2018.

“I am not the son of General Paul Malong Junior, I mentioned in the interviews I have done with the local and international video that my dad is Lual Malong Senior. I am not even related to him (the General). Why is it that his sons are not swimming in money like I am? Those guys calling me General Malong’s son are abusing me,” Malong Lual Yor explained.


The Ethiopian businessman, Wegnew Dessie, insists Malong Lual introduced himself as a gold trader and son of the General when they first met in Kampala.

Dessie claims Lual Malong conned him a total of Sh200 million that was paid in batches. He claims it was an intricate deal involving several people across the cities of Kampala, Nairobi, Dubai and Kinshasha, where the gold was supposed to emanate from.

In their conversations, Dessie says, Malong told him that because he is the ‘son of of a General’, he did not require prior appointment to access any official in Juba and in some countroes in the region.

Dessie claims that Lual Malong told him heknew people who had 600 kilogrammes of gold in Kinshasha and would sell it to him at a fair price.


Lual Malong even took him to a house in Kampala to show him part of the precious metals, Dessie claims.

Some payments were made, he claims,  and the metals were to flown to Dubai but instead found teuir way to Nairobi.

In Nairobi, an alleged Kenya Revenue Authority officer who introduced himself as a Mr Owino, who claimed to be in a position to help, conned him an extra Sh45 million, Dessie claims.