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BLOG: A candidly honest letter to all young girls out there

Dear young girls,

I know that you are young, beautiful and the world is at your feet. Please rest assured that this is just a phase and will come to pass. Age will come upon you like a thief, you won’t notice until it’s too late.

Before then, please, my dear girl, be careful. For what you do in your youth will come to haunt you later in life, even if you do not see it now.

Having men fall at your feet at the mere sound of your voice is thrilling. Now, they will do anything for you, just to get your attention, your time, your heart. Men, young and old, will pledge their utter devotion to you. They may offer money, cars, the good life, but it up to you to decide who you will let in.

My dear girl, be very careful who you show your vulnerability to. You know the saying, “Not all that glitters is gold”, well, not all that men say is true. You will be told anything and everything you need to hear and it is usually for the same goal. Only few will actually mean what they say.

Marriage proposals will be a dime a minute you just wait and see. They may be so many that you will lose count. You may even forget some of those fellows and when you meet them on the streets you will wonder why that face looks so familiar.


Isn’t being young grand? You can do all you please. You have all the time in the world. No stress, no worries, just freedom. Youth is pure bliss. But as George Bernard Shaw once pointed out, youth is wasted on the young.

When you are old and wrinkled, when what was once firm is now hanging low and only doctors and insurance agents seem to notice you when you walk into a room, then regret comes knocking.

You will regret all those crazy nights you spent out, mornings waking up in strangers’ beds, too much alcohol consumed, classes skipped, money wasted and not invested, parents neglected, bad friends chosen, good men rejected.

You will look back at your life and wonder where it all went wrong… was it that married man you slept with, or the selfie of you in the nude that leaked after that? You remember that a potential boss had looked at you funny when you went for the interview. Could they have possibly recognized you? Is it that you did not manage to finish your degree, at least not with the good grades that you are easily capable of scoring? You may never know.

My dear, think very carefully about the legacy you want to leave behind with your youth. Parties are fine, just don’t overdo them. Having money is fine, but it depends where it comes from. Having a boyfriend is alright, but it matters what you want from the relationship.

All we do has consequences. You may not see them instantly, but they are there. Imagine you finally leave behind the crazy life, you settle, have a family. Then your son or daughter stumbles upon an old photo on the internet, of two young girls in a shower with an older man and one of them looks a lot like you…