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Beware of fake city askaris demanding bribes

Cases of fake county askaris demanding money from people by threatening to implicate them in offences such as littering, smoking in public places and loitering are on the rise.

Usually, if the “suspect” has no money, the fake askaris ask them for their mobile phones before they disappear.

“My two mobile phones have ended up in the hands of these crooks,” said Mr Peter Paul in a letter to the Directorate of Inspectorate on July 23.

City Hall has organised a forum to address city insecurity following increased cases of theft by people impersonating county askaris.

City Inspectorate director Hillary Wambugu has asked the office of public relations at City Hall to organise the forum to discuss the matter.

“We are requesting your office to prepare a forum if possible to be addressed by the Security and Compliance office,” says Mr Wambugu in a letter to the Inspectorate.