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New video claims Papa Wemba was poisoned with mic – VIDEO

There is widespread speculation on the cause of death of renowned musician Papa Wemba days after he collapsed while on stage in Ivory Coast.

Congolese journalists are questioning the manner in which the artist died and how his autopsy was conducted, something that has created uncertainty and tension among his fans.

A video showing a floor manager taking the microphone –and returning it- moments before Papa Wemba started singing and right after he had slumped on the floor is being used to fuel speculations that the star could have been poisoned.

In the video, the man takes some seconds to bring a replacement of the microphone as Papa Wemba psyches up the crowd later after picking the mic.

He again seems to be taking time even as the rest of the people on stage struggle to resuscitate the legend.

In an article, a news site urged the French and Belgian officials to help clear the air by independently conducting an autopsy as the late Papa Wemba was a citizen of both countries.

The news article claims that the musician was already dead before being taken to the hospital, an indication that a highly toxic substance could have been used.

The late Papa Wemba died more than a week ago after collapsing while on stage during the 9th edition of the Urban Music Festival in Abidjan.