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New rule lets traffic offenders off the hook

Traffic offenders waiting to pay fines will no longer be locked up in court cells awaiting to be arraigned in courts, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has said.

In a series of tweets on Wednesday afternoon, Dr Mutunga said fines for traffic offenses will henceforth be processed in open traffic courts.

“Nobody waiting to pay a traffic fine will be locked up in cells. Traffic Courts shall process the payment of traffic fines in open court,” he announced.

Many Kenyans have complained of wasted man hours as they are hauled into court cells as they await hours on end for the officialdom to be completed for them to pay the fines.

The CJ called on Kenyans to report any traffic magistrates who do not adhere to the circular that seeks to implement the new measures.

“Kenyans must help us enforce the circular by reporting all Magistrates who violate it. All traffic Magistrates have been ordered to implement my circular on this matter,” he said.

“We must fight the corrupt traffic cartels that are on our roads and along the corridors of our courts.”