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New report ranks Nairobi as the best place to live in

Living standards in Nairobi have been ranked as the highest in the country, according to a recent Human Development Index (HDI) report.

The report ranked Nairobi’s living standards at 0.641, followed by Kajiado with 0.591 and Mombasa at 0.548.

HDI is measured by use of life expectancy levels, education levels and income per capita.

Kenya’s HDI is lower than the global average but higher than the Sub-Saharan Africa average.


The Kenya National Human Development Report was compiled by the United Nations Development Programme and the government.

The biggest challenge for achievement of higher living standards, according to the report, is extreme poverty. 30% of Kenyans are living below a dollar per day.

Poor quality education is also cited as another challege largely due to the introduction of free primary education that resulted to large class sizes and underfunded schools.

The report also shows  that climate change could hinder efforts towards the achievement of human development.