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New Piaggio tuktuks out

Car and General (C&G) has launched a new range of three wheeler (tuk-tuk) model. The model, Piaggio City Petrol, has a consumption of 32 kilometres per litre, making it a fuel efficient mode of transportation.

Cleon Oguya, the C&G national sales manager for Piaggio said the City Petrol model has an electric starter and the advantage of a lower noise level ideal for taxi services in towns.

“It has a strong suspension system which makes it very stable,” said Mr Oguya.

Launch events

The Piaggio three-wheeler trucks have room for three passengers and a luggage space at the rear. The new  vehicles can be re-modelled for various functions, including being used as delivery trucks.

Mr Oguya urged firms to partner with C&G in adopting the use of petrol engine tuktuks in delivery and distribution of products to retail stores and other consumers.

Nestle Kenya, for instance, now uses the Piaggio City Petrol tuktuks in delivery of company’s products to retail stores in the northern parts of Nairobi and Mount Kenya region.

“The three wheelers are very economical as taxis, van and pick-up models good for delivery work, courier services, laundry and and fast food operations,” Mr Oguya.

Besides, the running costs for the petrol engine models are far much lower than those of pick-ups and cars.

The growing need for urban transport which is driven by the rapid expansion of cities and towns offers bigger opportunities for the buyers of these three wheelers.

The tuktuks may also be the transport solutions needed to unclog traffic jams around the country as they easily penetrate narrow paths and occupy small parking areas.

The motor company is the process of launching the tuktuks in all counties. The Piaggio petrol tuktuk team toured various parts of the country for launch events.

They were held in Thika, Machakos, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega and Bungoma counties.

C&G regional sales agent for Piaggio three wheelers has a workshop on Lusaka Road in the Industrial Area. There are repair and service workshops scattered all over the country which also sale a full range of genuine spares.

The petrol-engine tuktuk retails at Sh335,000 while its diesel counterpart goes for Sh399,000.

Since the petrol-engine tuk-tuk is slightly cheaper, Mr Oguya encouraged buyers to go for it, saying they were environment-friendly.