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Neutral light blinking on dash could be transmission trouble

Dear Neto,

I own a 2000cc turbo charged Mitsubishi IO GDI and the Neutral (N) light on my dash blinks throughout. I have recently had a few shifting problems where the car would over rev before it shifts the gears. What could be ailing my car?

Jared Moseti.

Dear Jared,

The blinking Neutral light on the dash is an indication that there’s something wrong with the transmission.

Have you checked things like electrical connections to the gearbox, transmission fluid level, or dirty transmission fluid? If there are failed transmission parts like sensors and shift solenoids, they can be verified by a diagnosis scan.

If the car continues to rev too much, you might just end up burning up the wet clutches in the transmission and further destroying the transmission. Have the car checked as soon as possible.


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