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Sting operation nets fake phones worth Sh3 million in Nairobi

Fake phones worth an estimated Sh 3 million were on Tuesday impounded from several shops along Nairobi’s Tom Mboya Street by officials of a multi-agency team fighting illicit trade.

Anti-Counterfeit Agency raided several shops targeting small scale retailers with the city’s CBD and netted mostly counterfeited Samsung phones.

Shopkeepers selling the fake phones were caught unawares in the sting operation, with some of them getting arrested for selling the illegal handsets.


Speaking to the media, Peter Mutula, Managing Consultant, Anti-illicit Trade Agency, said the importation web flooding the market with the counterfeit products has recently evolved following government’s multi agency approach to illicit trade.

“Most of these traders import the phones bearing different brands names and when they get them here they take the Samsung stickers and stick on top of those other brands then giving the phone the appearance of the Samsung phone,” said Mutula.

Mutula added that they are also targeting people who are offering the phones for sale. The arrested suspects were taken to Central Police Station to record statement.