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Netizens compile list of what define Kenyans; Do you agree?

The online community has come up with a hilarious list of things they say define being Kenyan.

Netizens camped on the Facebook closed group Kilimani Mums exploring different behaviour that most Kenyan exhibit.

Some of the things captured were downright peculiar, for instant eating habits and general grooming.

Below is part of the compiled list. Do you agree? Feel free to add to the list.

1. Empty cooking oil tins lined up in the kitchen

2. Eating from the sufuria

3. Picking eatables that have fallen,wiping them kwa nguo and saying “Germs are not aware”

4. Washing cups first then sufuria last.

5. Counting how many chapos umepika

6. Having special utensils for guests

7. Kufunga nyumba ya mabati na mlango ya chuma

8. Kuramba tins za yorghut

9. Maji ya kuoga ndio hutumiwa kuosha panty

10. Kuweka steelwire kwa kifuniko ya blueband na kueka kwa dirisha