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Ndii’s wife reveals special relationship with President Kenyatta – VIDEO

David Ndii’s wife, Mwende Gatabaki, on Monday sent a message to President Uhuru Kenyatta during her televised address.

Mrs Ndii explained how the President back in 2014 sent a special request to the African Development Bank President to allow her to come back into the country and work on a government project.

She was then asked to create a database that would give information about every Kenyan and their property.

The project she explained was to help fight insecurity after the Westgate Al-Shabaab attack.


Mrs Ndii, during her address, then asked the President where the single source of truth that he was creating to promote transparency in the country was.

“I want to ask the President, where is that gentleman in 2014 who asked me to come and create a single source of truth to create transparency in Kenya, this is not transparent,” she said.

Mrs Ndii went on to say that her husband is not a criminal adding that police should not have lied that he was being taken to Diani police station.

“I’m asking the President today where is that man who brought me back to this country in 2014 to create a single source of truth, that’s my question to the president,” she said.