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Nasa is dead and Raila is just a parasite, says Mutahi Ngunyi

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has made sensational claims about the opposition terming their alliance as dead and leader Raila Odinga a parasite.

In his column, the analyst said Nasa is not working and blamed Mr Odinga for the discontent urging the other three leaders, Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi to shortchange Mr Odinga before he shortchanges them.

Mr Ngunyi praised President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent public display of anger saying that anger is a powerful tool in politics.

“Infact Raila should borrow a leaf from the Uhuru tantrums, like Uhuru he should use anger as an instrument of control. He should throw a tantrum from the blues on Kalonzo and the Nasa posh boys who want to boil him alive like a frog.


“Infact he should threaten them that he wants to quite Nasa and accuse them of betrayal. If he erupts like Uhuru they will all come back running back to Baba but if Kalonzo and the others erupt before him they will control Nasa and bury him,” said Mr Ngunyi.

The columnist through narrations by political science students went on to heap praise on Kalonzo Musyoka’s move to present his nomination papers publicly.

One of the students insisted that Nasa is not working advising the other three principals to organize a tea party before Mr Odinga negotiates with those in power to make his way to State House.

Using illustrations of a boiling frog and how it gets comfortable as the water temperatures keep rising, the students said the opposition alliance is boiling water with Mr Odinga as the frog.

“Mr Raila sir, this is what is happening to you in Nasa, you are just like a frog a frog that needs to be boiled and the posh boys of Kanu and Nasa are using science to boil you… Mister Raila sir, you are just like this frog and Nasa is the boiling point,” said one of the students.